Important Things to Know About Physiotherapy

Jun 26, 2019




A physiotherapy is a viable option for many who are suffering from certain conditions of bone, muscles, heart, brain as well as lungs. Many of us haven’t experience the physiotherapy treat or have little knowledge about physiotherapy.

There are important things you can know about physiotherapy. In this post, we will discuss the scope of physiotherapy, origin of physiotherapy, types of physiotherapy and much more. So continue reading to know the important facts about physiotherapy.

  1. Physiotherapy is mostly used for recovering from pain. Any types of pain in joints, bones, neck, the shoulder can be treated using physiotherapy.

Aside from recovering pain physiotherapy is also used to treat heart and circulation problems (treatment after a heart attack), to treat brain and nervous system (following a stroke or such). It is also used to treat the lungs and respiratory system. So physiotherapy is not only for pain relief.

  1. Canada is considered as the origin of physiotherapy. After the second world war physiotherapy is widely used to treat injured soldiers. Physiotherapy enables the soldiers to recover from war injuries and help them in restore mobility.
  2. Physiotherapy has verities form. The top types of physiotherapy treatments are
  • Neurologic rehabilitation physiotherapy
  • cardiovascular physiotherapy
  • Wound/injured care
  • pulmonary rehabilitation physiotherapy
  • Orthopedic physiotherapy and
  • Post-operative physiotherapy

These are the major form of physiotherapy. Aside from these, there are several types of physiotherapy are available.

  1. Physiotherapy often requires home exercise to fasten the progress. Your physiotherapist will suggest your home exercise according to your conditions. Physiotherapy home exercise can last for a long time.
  2. You can directly book an appointment with a physiotherapist. Or your GP can suggest you physiotherapy to take treatment.
  3. There exist certain conditions where medication is not useful but physiotherapy can provide better result compared to medication.
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